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Corrazone is an ecofriendly co working space in Kochi for professionals, entrepreneurs, students and employees of all domains to convoke while experiencing an ideal collaboration of business and entertainment in a carefully crafted symbiotic environment.

Corrazone aims to become a platform of enhanced productivity and growth. It incorporates the ideas of co- living and co-working. It has an array of amenities, including conference halls, virtual space, and food courts. There are recreational and rejuvenation facilities like our gaming room. All are designed in equilibrium to provide a seamless and almost effortless flow of creative and productive energy.

This space will provide tools and a platform for capable, like-minded audiences and individuals including freelancers, techies, students, designers, investors, entrepreneurs to work together in an environment that fosters productivity unlike anywhere else. Though all these needs look overtly opposite, they are in fact covertly collaborative. Corrazone provides a healthy symbiotic environment where everyone committed to their passion, can gain the fruits.

Mar 07, 2020


For enquiries: 949 5959 116
Nov 02, 2019

Master Your Pitch Deck

Oct 11, 2019

Open Mic

For enquiries: 70129 63 411    
Sep 05, 2019

Onam 2019

Onam, the biggest cultural festival of Kerala is always spectacle to ...
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Onam 2019

Sep 05, 2019 11:00 AM -4:00 PM

Onam, the biggest cultural festival of Kerala is always spectacle to watch and a joy to behold. God’s Own Country turns into a riot of colours and evokes euphoria during the Onam Season. It was no different in Corrazone as the members of Corrazone celebrated Onam with fervor.

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The method of working together ensure that people are always connected, that they are always a part of a network of individuals who come together, who work together and who hyper collaborate to produce results like nothing else.


Virtual space is a major feature of Corrazone, here small startups can register themselves at this virtual address.This virtual space also provides telephone facilities including a receptionist who will answer calls on your company’s behalf.


Co-living is another feature of Corrazone, Corrazone encourages co living this means that techies, freelancers, designers and investors can live together in an environment .


The food court at Corrazone offers everything including four different cuisines designed to satisfy your taste buds and to cater to the diverse community at Corrazone.


Corrazone also provides space for conferences and webinars to be held, the conference and webinar halls ensure that the startup or freelancers are on par with their counterparts who might have access to better resources.


Corrazone will be the first space in Kochi to offer a Virtual Reality [VR] Gaming experience. The gaming area also functions as workfactory, thanks to the sophisticated and advanced hardware and the fast connectivity that the space provides.


The general architecture of Corrazone also provides for an outdoor muse area where people can conduct talks, and discussions.

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