About Us

Leveling up your CreatIVE MIND

Corrazone is a co-working space located at the heart of the city yet away from its hustle-bustle. We nurture and incubate budding businesses into blooming flowers. We believe that a workplace should never be the old 9-5 rather a place where you can be free, enjoy the fresh air and always be on top of your game at work. To that, we provide eco-friendly and flexible desk spaces, so you don’t have to be confined to a single location alone.

At Corrazone, we provide businesses with all the help they may need in their journey to a successful venture. From registration to finding investors to making your business fly, we are here to help you at any time. We help ventures jump over hurdles by providing the support they need ensuring they have a smooth-running business.

To sit in the shade of a fine day and to look upon verdure is the perfect refreshment. Corrazone is designed in such a way that after a busy schedule you always walk out into a beautifully landscaped garden that will calm your mind. Offices are lined with indoor plants so that you can have a stress-free day of work.

Women entrepreneurs have faced a path always riddled with challenges. At Corrazone we encourage women start-ups and help them pave their way to success. Corrazone itself being a women entrepreneurship, believe that women bring a diverse set of skills to the table and they just need a strong support system.


Our Mission

Our Vision

Vahidha T H Executive Director

Whether DREAM or PASSION, CORRAZONE, an Eco-friendly co-working community, welcomes you to LIVE YOUR STORY here. Being human, we believe that there is no Existence without Co-Existence, no Co-Existence without proper Community, and no Community without Cooperation. So Co-operate, Collaborate, Communicate & thus Co-Exist until you have business solutions rather than business problems.

Abdul Nasar P A Managing Director

Making a fruitful community is not easy as it depends on many values inside its members and the quality of people. CORRAZONE is a legendary platform aiming at a symbiotic community where all businesses find their own quality space to grow while mutually benefitted.