What is Coworking?

With startups budding everywhere you look and more people pooling into freelancing than ever before, coworking has become a buzzword of this generation. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if you are not quite sure what it means, worry not, this short write-up is all about coworking!

A coworking space, as the word suggests is basically a shared workspace, where a number of small companies or individuals working remotely can have a productive work environment with the required amenities while maintaining their privacy. If you are a freelancer tired of distractions or a startup looking for an office space or an ambitious entrepreneur working on the next big idea, an affordable yet classy coworking space is the answer to your problems.

Why Corrazone?

Coworking spaces are extremely popular these days because of the flexibility they can offer. You can rent out a part of the entire space depending on your need. If you are a small organization that can effectively work with a 10 person workspace, that’s all you pay for! You do not have to incur extra expenses for the facilities that you do not use, which is a boon for growing businesses, as this cuts down a relatively large share of their expenses. 

These spaces are usually accompanied by coffee shops, snack bars and some even provide food counters. This amps up productivity as people do not have to leave the premises to satisfy their basic needs, hence saving time and money. Couple this with a friendly and non-intruding work environment, and you have got the recipe for professional success!

The addition of an uninterrupted power supply, high-speed wifi connectivity, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and such makes the idea of coworking spaces even more appealing. And if you are looking for such a facility in Kochi, there is no better place to look than at Corrazone!  office rooms as well as in the outdoor gardens surrounded by greenery even as they use the wifi and power facilities.   

With stunning eco-friendly office spaces that respect your privacy, Corrazone is unarguably the best coworking space available in the entirety of Ernakulam. What separates Corrazone from regular coworking spaces is its extremely flexible work environment. Here you can see people working in fully set up office rooms as well as in the outdoor gardens surrounded by greenery even as they use the wifi and power facilities.   

The carefully laid out design for the outdoor cafeteria and food corner is the least of our attractions! Every inch of the coworking space at Corrazone has been crafted keeping in mind the needs of our community members. Fully air-conditioned conference and meeting rooms, flexible desk spaces, office rooms in various sizes, large training rooms, common hallways, comfortable parking facility, and high-speed internet connectivity accessible from anywhere on the premise, all at an affordable pay-as-you-use basis is literally the dream come true for budding startups and aspiring freelancers. With enough space for relaxing after a long day and hanging out celebrating your sweet victories with your colleagues, Corrazone gives you the comfort of a home. The 24*7 on-premise assistance provided to the tenants upon encountering the slightest of difficulties makes us different from our competitors, as, at Corrazone, we are a family, and we treat you like it! Corrazone modified the concept of a coworking space, adding a personal homely touch to the workspaces, all the while maintaining and encouraging professionalism. The Corrazone community is rich with industry experts from various domains who can help turn your ideas into reality as well as guide you through tough times! What more do you need! Say goodbye to the days of working on your lap at the closest cafe struggling to focus on your work surrounded by distractions and become a part of the Corrazone family today!